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Album Moving Past
Genre Pop, Rock
The Fold Artist
2013 Year
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New Full-Length Album

We have fun. Let's face it, lately we've probably been having the most fun of our whole career. However, The Fold, at our core, have a lot of depth and emotion behind what we do.

So here's what we did, we set out to make a whole full-length album, just like we've done three times before. To be honest, it had been a while. But this time it was all. about. the. fans. You funded it, you inspired it, you took part in the entire process.

And because of this, it was by far our most trying, but rewarding experience in the studio. This is an album about Moving Past your fears, and the things that keep you from living your truth. Enjoy!

21st Century

If nothing else, The Fold has ambition. Ambition to do something big, to embrace an entire town, to take things to the limit. When they took over their old high school to film a video for their song “Neverender” — this was clear.

This time they've called on a local sensei to train up young martial artists and coreograph an entire story. Alongside longtime video director Aaron Green, the students and band members alike were truly amazed as the dream became a reality in this epic battle that will rival any Jackie Chan movie you've ever seen!

“21st Century Ninja” — Directed by: Aaron Green

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"Moving Past" takes a deeper look at the pictures in our past, challenging us to see them from a new perspective; one that requires total confidence that you're headed somewhere better.

Instead of over-analyzing every current decision in your life with a climate of doubt, fear and uncertainty, let's look back on those old pictures with fresh eyes, and stand firm in our decisions, knowing that this newfound faith will make all the difference.

The Fold Story

A wise man once told us “Just stay together, and continue to write the best music you can—great things will happen.” What followed were arguably the most trying 7 years in the history of the music industry, but somehow it never felt like that to us. Needless to say, we followed his advice, and he was right...

Throughout our career, we made 2 albums with Tooth & Nail Records—a cool label out of Seattle that spawned a lot of bands we grew up listening to—and another 2 albums since going independent. We also stumbled upon fun outlets to explore our silly brand of humor, like youtube, where we’ve racked up over 11 million views on our videos.

Once we even got nominated for a Grammy, and saw a single go to number 1 at CHR Radio. Lately, we’ve forged some relationships that we’re really proud of, like an ever-growing friendship with a show called Ninjago, which LEGO produced. The show took on a life of it’s own, and now brings our band name in front of a ba-jillion cool kiddos who might never have heard of us before.

We’re so happy and proud that we listened to that man’s advice. Thank you, the listener, for giving us something to sing about!

Dan Castady
Lead Vocals / Guitar

Mark Rhoades
Drums & Percussion

Matt Pittman
Bass Guitar / Vocals

George Castady
Lead Guitar / Vocals

Joe Martin
Marketing / Media


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