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Album Moving Past
Genre Pop, Rock
The Fold Artist
2013 Year
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New Full-Length Album

We can't stop you from downloading our album for free. If you really want it, you're going to find a way. And if you really want it, why would WE try and stop you?! We want you to have our album. We want you to share it.

We want to go back to the days of mix tapes and cassettes singles. When if you really wanted to listen to a song again later, you waited by the radio for it to come on and you recorded that sucker.

We make music because we love music and each one of you gives us that opportunity every time you listen. We thank everybody who helped Kickstart this album that allowed us this opportunity to bring our music to more people.

Bye Bye

The other night I was putting my daughter Lucy to bed, and I said "Goodnight my sweet baby", she replied "No, Daddy! I'm a big girl!" I pushed her with "but you'll always be my baby girl, right?" "No, I'm gonna get bigger and bigger" "Why?" "Because I GOT to!" It was a perfect reply, I sobbed uncontrollably as I scratched her back into a blissful sleep, then continued my tears in a louder fashion in a room where I wouldn't disturb her.

Ever since she came into my life there's been a gaping vulnerability unlike anything I've ever experienced. She truly holds my heart in her hands. Every photo, every memory, every word she says leaves a very welcomed mark on my soul. I wrote this song for her, when I started to think about how some children and their parents start out so close, but end up so far apart. That will never happen to us, she will always be my best friend.

This is "Bye Bye Love"...

"Bye Bye Love" - Nov 2013 - Directed by: Aaron Green

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"Moving Past" takes a deeper look at the pictures in our past, challenging us to see them from a new perspective; one that requires total confidence that you're headed somewhere better.

Instead of over-analyzing every current decision in your life with a climate of doubt, fear and uncertainty, let's look back on those old pictures with fresh eyes, and stand firm in our decisions, knowing that this newfound faith will make all the difference.

The Fold Story

A wise man once told us “Just stay together, and continue to write the best music you can—great things will happen.” What followed were arguably the most trying 7 years in the history of the music industry, but somehow it never felt like that to us. Needless to say, we followed his advice, and he was right...

Throughout our career, we made 2 albums with Tooth & Nail Records—a cool label out of Seattle that spawned a lot of bands we grew up listening to—and another 2 albums since going independent. We also stumbled upon fun outlets to explore our silly brand of humor, like youtube, where we’ve racked up 3 and a half million collective views on our videos.

We’re so happy and proud that we listened to that man’s advice. Here we are, approaching 2014 with a completely fan-funded record in hand that we are so very proud of. So thank you, the listener, for giving us something to sing about!

Dan Castady
Lead Vocals / Guitar

Mark Rhoades
Drums & Percussion

Matt Pittman
Bass Guitar / Vocals

George Castady
Lead Guitar / Vocals

Joe Martin
Marketing / Media


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